Man, I’ve gotta tell you – this sense of being able to do nothing re: the wiring is probably one of the most frustrating things I’ve had to sit through with this house. It’s SO CLOSE to being done. SO CLOSE. But still so far away. There’s probably one more coat of spackle needed on the ceiling, to fix the water damage, as well as a couple spots that need filling (a light hole that’s too large, and a nick in the wall I put from moving a file cabinet)… but otherwise, it’s done. That, and the lights. And some filler in the floor. But if you were able to compress the amount of actual labor required to finish? Less than two hours worth of work. Maybe three. But it’s been like, a week at this state, and it’s not likely to change for at least another couple of days, since Jose’s completely disappeared… *sigh*

Man. Frustrating. I want to move downstairs, so that my housemate can get more space, which he’s been waiting for. I want this long, arduous two and a half year stint of constant transient feeling to be over. But it’ll be a few more weeks, I suppose.


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