Gah. Spent about an hour this afternoon just futzing with the wiring downstairs. I think, now, I’ve got the junction boxes wired up properly, so that the four-way wiring for the hallway, and the 1/3-way wiring for the front porch light & dining room lights is proper… now the only problem is that neither system appears to be getting power. That could potentially be a *huge* problem, because if the line’s hosed, running a new line will mean, basically, ripping out a few walls. Which, of course, would make me a whole lot less than pleased. Not sure, honestly, what the deal is, but I’m hoping that the electrician will a.) show up tomorrow, and b.) be able to figure it out. I feel like I understand, now, more about how this BS is wired up, but I don’t know what’s wrong.


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