Man. Owning a house sure can be stressful. Dealing with an idiot contractor can really put a strain on the pleasure of simply having a place to live. Which sucks, of course. Right now, the contractors I’m dealing with are pretty good, and it’s a great relief to be dealing with them, instead of Mike, unreliable jackass that he is. So, I suppose I should be less stressed. I mean, if the house isn’t leaking come the time we test how sealed up it is, and the downstairs gets finished up, it shouldn’t be too bad. All that’s left is figuring out how to wire two outlets, and inserting a fistful of new breakers, sanding some stuff, a little gap sealing in the floor, and fixing the water damage in the bedroom.

Shouldn’t be more than another $200 or so, at the worst, I hope. Then, after that, for the first time in more than two and a quarter years, there won’t be anyone working on the house at all. No contractors, no obligations to fix stuff to simply make it work, nothing. Everything will then be up to us, and anything that gets fixed further will be completely unrelated to other stuff on the house. Good gravy, I can’t wait ’till that day. It’s just been such a long, stressful process. Sure, I’d love to see the upstairs come to fruition at some point, but I guess another part of me knows that day’s a ways away. Stripping the upstairs walls, rewiring the lighting, and then putting up new drywall’s not a tremendous amount of work, all things considered, but despite the unfinished state of the upstairs, I think I could use a break from fixing things for a while.

Maybe once I get a job, I can start paying off the home equity loan, and start saving up for repairs to the upstairs. Just so crazy. Glad that the door’s finally closed with Mike, that I have some contractors who I actually *like* dealing with, in Jose Rodriguez & Co., and knowing that it’s not going to be too much longer before things are actually done downstairs.

Man, it’s been a long couple years.

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