Jiminy Christmas. How glad I am to be out of college. That is, how glad I am to be away from MIT. Last weekend was the Mystery Hunt, which is bascially a weekend long puzzle solving marathon, that consists of everything from engineering puzzles, to ID’ing pop music, and doing something crazy with it to get answers to other puzzles, and zany combinations of all sorts of stuff. Should be tons of fun. Was tons of fun, for the most part, except for some poorly designed puzzles.

But my god, how one person can nearly destroy an experience. We held the West Coast contingent here, and maybe twenty-ish people showed up. A bunch of those people were good friends, and people that I really love working with. A few of the people were new to me, or relatively new to me, and were a blast to work with, as well. A few people rubbed me a little wrong, but nothing big, and no big shakes. But oh, there’s always one that just makes you want to run them through a paper shredder.

In this case, it was a girl I’d never met before – someone who was a friend of a friend, or whatever. There’s a particular “type” at MIT – someone who I’ve always described as the kind of person that’s like, “LOOK HOW FUCKED UP I AM!!!” Eingy put it better when she changed that to “LOOK HOW COUNTERCULTURE I AM!!!” which actually makes more sense, in context.

But regardless of how you phrase it, the basic point is that it’s the type of person who has to be involved in every conversation, and has to make a point every time they’re involved, whether the point’s been made already or not. The kind of person that has to “wow” you with their “knowledge” at every opportunity, who talks in an elevated speaking voice all the time, and has pronounced mannerisms that they think are endearing or something but just irritate the living fuck out of you instead.

We had one like that, and she stayed from the fucking start, right up past the fucking finish, and every time she opened her mouth, I wanted to grab her by the upper and lower jaw, and forcibly turn her inside out.

It’s funny how one person can wreck an experience. Or nearly wreck it, at any rate. I mean, it’s just one of those things where you want to be inviting, welcome everyone in, let them kick their feet up, and relax, but then this one stupid bitch basically makes you want to kick everyone out of the house, and light them on fire. Takes you from the inviting, relaxed host, to the asshole who yells at you to GET THE LIVING FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!

Which pisses me off, because I really liked everyone else. Literally. Everyone else. I *really* liked a bunch of the people that came over. But one person can change a mood quickly, and I’ll be good god damned if she EVER sets a foot in my house again.

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