whoo. Been a weird couple weeks. Basically, I’m on a “leave of absence” until the company comes up with money, or work for me to do. So, been doing a bunch of stuff around the house. Learning the Neverwinter Nights module creation toolkit, cleaned up a couple of the rooms, been catching up on sort of house-maintenance stuff, like the backlog of laundry, and tidying up.

Fixed some minor stuff on the Mini, drew a comic for a PR firm (actual professional illustration work. Talk about weird.), and finished a few games that were lying around unfinished (Enter the Matrix – a really unpolished game that could have been really fun, but ended up being about 30% fun, 70% irritating – and Knights of the Old Republic, which was 100% extraordinary. If you have any love of Star Wars, it’s worth it to pick up this game and an xbox. Seriously.)

What’s next? Hard to say, really. Gotta keep cleaning up, gotta work on the NWN module. I have this excellent idea that, if it works like I think it would, ought to be a really different take on conversations in first-person videogames (or third person, actually), and would sort of flip the traditional in-game conversation paradigm on its head. But, for obvious reasons, that’s as far as I’m gonna go here.

Yeah. So that’s my life right now, more or less. Gonna rotisserie a chicken tomorrow, which’ll be kinda odd, and make fried rice on Thursday, with rice I made tonight. Whee. In all honesty, aside from the lack of income thing, I don’t have a problem with not working. I find enough interesting/productive stuff to do, some of which I’d never have time to deal with/think about/implement with a full time job. Hopefully, I’ll be able to put this time to good use.

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