Not a whole lot going on, actually. I’m sitting here in Montreal, Quebec, up here for a week for work. This weekend, though, I’ll get to hang out with the cousin & the rest of the Ottawa crew, including Sonja, the little dog. So that’s good. Wish I had more to do, though.

Response to the comic’s been pretty good, which is nice. Definitely a motivator to draw a little more, but man, after 24 hours of intensity, definitely daunting to pick up a pencil again. Other news? Not much – haven’t put much drywall up in the downstairs, which is just downright lame on my part, but things have been busy. Trying to work out in the mornings, but again, with the trip, plans have been thrown for a loop or two.

Just finished reading Joe Conason’s Big Lies, which is uniformly excellent. Having finished that, Al Franken’s Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them, and Eric Altermann’s What Liberal Media?, it’s pretty stunning that there’s anyone out there who can’t see this administration for what it is.


Anyway. That’s about it, really. House work is stalled, Mini’s running well, 24 hour comic’s over, work was really busy last week, but not this week, gonna hang out with the Canadians this weekend, and otherwise, things are pretty good. Can’t complain, I suppose. Something feels missing, but well, what can you do?

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