Thanks to the efforts of a whole fistful of great friends, the ceiling in the downstairs bedroom (and one panel of one wall) got put up yesterday, as well as one side of one of the major support beams in the basement. Unfortunately, I picked a crazy-hot day to do the work, and ran out of power for the power tools (most of which were cordless), so we ended up not being able to really maximize the manpower. Still, if I’d had to do it by myself, or with just the GF, it’d have taken an ungodly long time to do. So, it’s great that it’s coming along as quickly as it is. Unfortunately, my best guess would be that we’d need at least three more of these full-bore days to actually get done with the place. That’s a lotta drywalling. Don’t know how keen the folks who helped out would be to do it again…

Still, nice that it’s coming along. Busy the next couple weeks. Got the 24-hour comic next week, then a wedding, then a trip to Montreal. So it’ll be almost a month before I can really crank anymore on the downstairs. Gotta start putting up drywall on my own during the week, I guess. Ah, well.

Still waiting for parts for the Mini. Man. Lots of things to do. So little time.


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