Had a blast in Vegas – it was great to see everyone, and the friend who coordinated the whole works did a stellar job. Absolutely stellar. Got the parts for the Mini yesterday, and installed the gas cap, rocker cover, and new air filter, all of which took about 15 minutes. Getting the carb needle in, and figuring out where to attach the bonnet straps will probably take a substantially longer time, and reattaching the exhaust pipe, which has lost a collar needed to keep the pipes together, will be a challenge, given how difficult it is to get that deep into the engine. Whee. Fun stuff, though. At least nothing’s *broken*.

Weekend should be entertaining. Housemate’s birthday this weekend, then Sunday, we drywall. Whee. Gotta run the cable wires again, and punch a hole in the floor to run a bundle of cat-5 through to the upstairs, but all in all, it’s pretty nearly ready to go, which is strange. Looking forward to it, though.

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