New Roommate Acquired. BBQ to follow, no doubt.

So, this week, I was supposed to do more drywall, but it was sort of stalled by the rather sudden appearance of a new roommate. To make some room for this hoser, we had to switch rooms a lot. The computers are now in the dining room, we are now in the computer room, and the new roomie’s in our old bedroom. Which means, unfortunately, that now the house is packed. Basically, what we need to do is finish the downstairs, then either the GF & I will move down there, or we’ll rent it out, and live like kings! Kings in a very cramped upstairs. Still, not too bad, all things considered, and it’s likely that the roomies’ situations are largely temporary, so it’s not likely to be crowded for tremendously long, though I wouldn’t particularly mind either way.

Got a pair of kites, after going to the kite festival last week. I ended up with a frameless quad-line stunt kite, the ParaStunter 1.4, and I got the GF a “SuperChute,” which turns out to be a small NASA Wing (dual line), which is kinda cool. Curious to see what sort of pull the PS has in reasonable wind. I’d hoped to get out and fly it during the week, but it looks like that’ll have to wait either ’till tomorrow night, or the weekend.

Replaced the spark plugs & wires on the Mini last weekend, and I’ve gotta change the engine & dashpot oil soon – maybe this weekend (though I sorta doubt it). The scooter also needs new oil soon. Man, though, the Mini’s engine compartment is *cramped*. I’m gonna have the A/C unit professionally removed – I’ve already got a taker, provided it doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount to have the unit removed, so that should be worthwhile – I just don’t need it out here, and I’d rather have the engine open, to be perfectly honest. Oh, gotta measure the carb opening for a new air filter (straight from England, no less ( this weekend.

In terms of the whole exercise thing, it’s really about time I made some sort of logical plan. It’ll probably go something like Monday: 20 minutes on the elliptical, Tuesday: Swimming in the morning, Wednesday: 30 minutes DDR Workout Mode, Thursday: Swimming in the morning, Friday: 20 minutes on the elliptical, Saturday: Swimming or misc. I want to get some sort of weight center/resistance dealie, like a Crossbow/Bowflex, but frankly, we don’t have the space for it. Now that we’ve got another renter, I’ve actually got enough $$ to potentially spare for it, but there’s nowhere to put it. 😛

Ah, well. we’ll see – once we figure out where to put the new roomie’s computer, maybe we’ll know where to slap this sucker, too.

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