So, my poor little Mitsubishi’s gone. I know it’s sorta silly to get sentimental over a car, but so what? This was the first car I’ve ever owned, and it did a *lot* of work shuttling me back and forth to San Jose when my girlfriend lived an hour away. Drove that car a lot while I had it, and though it’s not working anymore, it was still sad to see it go. Donated it to the National Cancer Research Institute, somewhat in honor of my grandfather, who died from cancer when I was in high school.

To replace the old car, though, I got an Austin Mini – pictures can be found here. It’s a neat little go-kart like car, and tons of fun to drive. Nowhere near as fast as the GT, but it feels faster, because it’s not anywhere near as stable. But, should be a good complement to the uber reliable Honda Civic that the GF’s got.

Hm. Anything else happening? Not really, I guess. Starting to work on the house again, since we got a drywall lifter that’ll help drywall the basement (first sheet went up last week). Games I’m playing now: Midtown Madness 3, Robot Alchemic Drive. Will likely be playing THPS4, Phantom Crash, and Return to Castle Wolfenstein soon, as well as WC3: The Frozen Throne, which comes out in a couple days. Also toying around with the Shadows of Undrentide editor, but time’s been tight. Looking forward to the four day weekend (got a day off work on the 3rd).

Hm. Guess that’s about it. Oh – go see The Italian Job. Fun movie, for sure. Way better than I’d have expected. Also, contary to mainstream opinion (apparently) I really liked The Hulk. Great stuff. Some of the comic visuals seem gratuitous, but I thought they were actually quite in line with Manga conventions, as well as traditional Western comic conventions. It was a neat mix of the two types of storytelling, and I thought the story was handled pretty well. Could have been shorter, and tighter, but still an enjoyable experience.

Right. Take it easy.

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