Midnight Club II’s a pretty darned fun game. I got it really warily, because Midtown Madness 3 is coming out shortly, but dang, it’s good stuff regardless. Large, complex environments, and cars that handle really well. The motorcycles, in my opinion, are complete crap, but that’s really secondary to the main game anyway. Had lotsa fun in cruise mode, just tooling around Paris playing tag with friends online.

In other news? What other news? The drywall lifter’s shipped from Amazon, so I’ll be starting that shortly, and I’ve taken up a Dance Dance Revolution workout, to try to lose some of the weight I gained during the downtime from knee surgery. Yay ha. Other than that, really not a whole lot going on, to be honest. Cleaning up the house a bit, chilling, mostly – the GF’s outta town, but this weekend, things go nuts. Friends from LA coming up Sat & Sun, then Sun night, a roomie from college that I’ve missed greatly’s coming out for most of the week, then Monday night, the GF returns. Seriously, sounds like it’s gonna be @#*%&@ing great.

So, this week? Just chillin.

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