Grass allergies suck. Particularly when your back yard is a giant grassy hill, with grass on it as tall as you are, spewing grass pollen into the air. I am reminded, this fine evening, that when you have allergic reactions to grass, sitting on a hammock in the afternoon, surrounded by grass that’s clearly pollenating, and is taller than you are, is a horrifically bad idea. Really. I’m not kidding.

In other news? Not sure there really IS other news. Haven’t done any work on the house since the last post, and nothing much else has happened. Some friends are in from Boston for three months, which is great, and I hung out (this afternoon, surrounded by grass) with my friend Pete, one of my best friends, who’s in town before heading off to grad school. So, apart from the wanting to die due to horrendous allergic reaction bit, not a bad day. Still have that cough, and not sure whether I’ll make it to work tomorrow, because of it.

Remember: Grass allergies + grass = allergies. I know it’s not traditional arithmatic, but believe me, it’s true.

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