Month: May 2003

Oog. Haven’t updated in a bit, but that’s ’cause … I’m lazy, I dunno. E3 was fun – I’ll probably write more about it in a bit – the short version: best games – Half Life 2, Halo 2, and Full Spectrum Warrior. Following closely behind, Nintendo’s version of Pac Man for the Gamecube, and Wario Ware: Mega Microgame$ (for the GBA). The graphical bar is raised high enough that virtually everything looked good – the games that separated themselves were all extremely detail-oriented, and pushed the envelope in ways other than just stellar graphics. It’s a good thing to see.

The one room is more or less done, and I’ll try to post some before/after pictures, so you can see the difference. It’s pretty crazy. I spent this evening installing the mirror closet door, which turned out remarkably level – something I was really, quite surprised about. I ended up going to Home Depot on my scooter ’cause I needed to cut down the rail just a bit, and that required a miter box and hacksaw. I ended up getting a “Home Cutting Kit” which strangely, included a nice utility knife, a nice hacksaw (sturdier than your usual $5 hacksaw) and a nice 25′ measuring tape, all for $19. Not too bad. Disassembling the hacksaw, it even fit in my scooter’s “trunk”. Also picked up Donnie Darko on DVD, which is something I’ve been meaning to get for a good long while now.

Been a really productive couple days. Also saw The Matrix Reloaded, at Mann’s Chinese Theater, in LA – easily the best sounding theater I’ve ever heard, and one of the biggest theaters I’ve ever been in, if not the largest. still, not substantially better than the Grand Lake experience, which is nice. How’d I like the movie? In terms of the action, a friend said it best when he said it was like The Matrix, but Uber. It lacked some of the freshness of the first one, but frankly, that’s ok – we’re talking about a sequel to an established world now – if they changed it up too much, it’d be really weird. I liked the Burly Brawl, and the scene with the Architect. Agent Smith may be the best villain to come around in decades. I thought it was a great “middle” movie, full of setup for the next movie, it deepens the universe, and develops the characters, and their motivations. On top of that, it even had a subplot that was self-contained, which provides some much needed satisfaction, for a middle movie.

Whoo. Other’n that? Not a lot going on.

Accident in Montreal

Odd week last week. Went to Montreal, for a business trip, got to visit my little old dog, my cousin, and aunts & uncle. Fun stuff. Worked the week, totalled one of my bosses’ cars on Thursday, by rear ending another car trying to find where I was supposed to be going in Pointe-Claire. No serious injuries, but I feel like a schmuck. *sigh* Trying to finish up the room so that when our renter moves in, it’s actually at least mostly done. Probably won’t have the closet door up in time, but hopefully, it’ll be painted… 😛

Busy busy busy. Gotta sand & paint the room tonight, before going to see X2, then heading to E3 Wednesday night.